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Visit from 7th grade students from Prof. Ali Kemal Yiğitoğlu Middle School

A group of 7th grade students from Prof. Ali Kemal Yiğitoğlu Middle School, which is one of our important partners in the University within School Project, visited the Department of Mathematics and Science Education and our dean. 

Rukiye Didem Taylan, Ph.D. presentation at the CERME Conference-Utrecht

Rukiye Didem Taylan, Ph.D. presented her paper "Analyzing A Novice Teacher’s Instructional Actions in Response to Unexpected Moments in Teaching" at the Eleventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME11), hosted by the Freudenthal Group, in collaboration with the Freudenthal Institute, of Utrecht University. It took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from the 6th to 10th of February, 2019. Her coauthor was one of the graduates of the MEF ELE program, Darüşşafaka Middle School Mathematics Teacher Merve Esmer. Rukiye Didem Taylan also had the opportunity to serve as a co-leader for the thematic working group "Mathematics Teaching and Teacher Practice(s)" during the conference. Here are some pictures from the conference. 

5-9 January Mentor Teacher Training Program

On January 5 and January 19, our department provided the Mentor Teacher Training Program for mentor teachers who supervise our teacher candidates in partner schools.

'Curious Science' program: How can we learn and teach numbers? Guest: Zelha Tunç Pekkan

BAGEP 2018 award winner Assoc. Prof. Zelha Tunç Pekkan: 'How can we learn or teach numbers?' Murat Aksoy's guest on the subject. The Curious Science program reaches up to 30.000 viewers every week. You can click the link to watch the whole program.

ELE 301: School Experience and Teaching Assistant, EDS 405 and EDS 406: Teaching Practice Internship Courses Term Presentations

Our 3rd and 4th year teacher candidates shared their school, classroom and teaching experiences with us. Prospective teachers discussed about their lesson plan studies, reflective observations, classroom dynamics, and classroom management experiences. And here they are one step closer to being a graduate ...

"LSC 505-555: Instructional Design" Course

Learning Sciences Master Program: "LSC 505-555: Instructional Design" Course end of term presentation

Number Sense and Its Development by Sinan Olkun

Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the International Final University Dr. Sinan OLKUN's "Number Sense and its improvement in Children" seminar was held on 28 December 2018 at our university.

Introducing the Teachers' Experience with the University at School ELE 103: Introduction to Mathematics Education

This year is the fourth time first-year mathematics teacher candidates learn about teaching during the 12-week collaboration with Ayazağa Middle School in the context of the University within School Model. Teacher candidates at MEF will be in different schools throughout the program.

Visit from our first graduates

Visit from our first graduates

University within School Internship Experience Sharing Symposium 2018

The 3rd and 4th year students delivered their poster presentations on 26th of May and 2nd of June. The poster presentations focused on the internship experiences which is the basis of the University within School Model.

MEF University Action Research Certification Program

Many teachers from MEF Schools participated in the Action Research Certification Program, which started at MEF University YABEM. After this 8-week program, presentations and certification ceremony of the scientific research studies based on teacher practice (action research) took place on May 7, 2018.

STEM Project Presentations of Our Teacher Candidates

Our prospective teachers designed MATH 335: STEM projects within the scope of Mathematics in the field of Science, Technology and Engineering.

BAGEP 2018 Results Announced

2018 results of the Science Academy's Young Scientist Award Program (BAGEP), which was initiated by the Academy of Sciences and supported by financial support from the community instead of public funds, was announced.

STEM Project Presentations of Our Teacher Candidates

Our prospective teachers designed MATH 335: STEM projects within the scope of Mathematics in the field of Science, Technology and Engineering. They presented about their experiences during the course and STEM products to their classmates and to all participants.

The Teachers' Day

We celebrated the teachers' day as MEF Elementary Mathematics Education program. The teachers of the future, the teachers of the present, and us. We're a big family ...

Future in Education Conference - EGK17

Bogazici University - MEF University-METU cooperation in collaboration with MEF University was held on 11-12 November.

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